Lonely Mr.Tree [有聲書]

  • 點閱:168
  • 並列題名:寂寞的樹先生
  • 作者:
  • 出版年:2002[民91]
  • 出版社:彩虹兒童文化
  • 出版地:臺北市


可借 3


Mr. Wind blows to “Mo-Er-Di” where he hears lonesome Mr. Tree crying. When Mr. Wind asks him why the turtles, grasshoppers, and oats don’t spend time with him, Mr. Tree cries even more sadly. Who could be his friends?


The theme of the story is “selfless giving.” Through reading this story, children are able to learn about qualities such as caring and cherishing as they relate to life strengthening.



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