Aunty Marmalade


作者:Ruth Young[原作]


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn

格式:EPUB 流式


While staying at her godmother’s cottage by the sea, ten-year old Florence finds a secret passageway into the attic where she learns some surprising family secrets – about herself! Why did her mum keep these secrets from her? Who is Florence’s real father? And what is the reason her godmother and mum don’t get along?

Shortly after her discovery, Florence begins having unexplained and scary experiences. Her belongings are mysteriously moved around. She is rescued from sea, but where is her rescuer? And most unnerving of all, Florence has the constant feeling that she is being watched!

Join Florence as she learns more about her family and the mysterious things that are happening to her in Ruth Young’s new book, Aunty Marmalade.

For years Ruth Young has been teaching children and young adults but her passion has always been storytelling. She is currently working on a sequel to Aunty Marmalade and is in the process of publishing another book for young readers.

Mrs. Young and her husband, an airline pilot, have two daughters studying at University. She loves to travel and enjoys writing her stories wherever she goes. Mrs. Young and her husband live in Surrey, England.

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